Top 15 Must-Read Online Marketing Blogs

Top Marketing Blogs

There is so much information and content on social media and blogs today, that it is difficult to determine what sites are useful and sort the wheat from the chaff.

Most blogs in various industries have similar content, but there are always some blogs that stand out from the rest and are more influential, like the ones below… [...]

Link Building Strategies for 2014 – Advanced SEO Tips

link building seo marathon
If you’re reading this post, it means you’re looking for new ideas to create links to your website. The fact remains that in 2014, links are critical to the success of your SEO efforts and there are plenty of good studies out there that can demonstrate this (including my own correlation studies).

However, this post will not give you a quick and easy way to build links. Those days are long gone. If you want to generate good quality links you better be ready to work, this is a marathon. The good news is that for those who preserve and have the fortitude to stick to a long-term game plan, will see the results. [...]

Google Search Tricks for Finding Guest Post Opportunities

google search operators

Guest posts and articles can be an effective way of generating hiqh-quality contextual back links to help with your SEO efforts. However, if you don’t yet have relationships with bloggers or influencers in your niche, finding guest post opportunities will require some work.  Below are some Google search operators that can help you dig up some potential leads for guest posts, interview opportunities, as well as resource pages and blog rolls. [...]

How To Calculate Google’s Not Provided Keywords in Analytics

The increase in “not provided” keywords in Google Analytics has created havoc and headaches for those of us that depend on keyword data to make decisions.  The inevitable day will come when all organic keyword data in Analytics is stripped away from us. Till that day arrives, you can use the following formula to determine your branded and non-branded keyword visits that are attributed to “not provided”.

Although this is still an estimate, it is an approach based on applying  a branded/not-branded ratio to the “not provided” keywords to reverse calculate and apply the number to the total of brand and non-branded visits. [...]

Best Practices for SEO Links – An Interview with John Doherty

John DohertyIn 2013, your link strategy continues to be a crucial element in the SEO landscape and vital to stay competitive. The following questions were posed to SEO expert John Doherty,  Director at Distilled New York, an authority and leading online marketing agency. 


How to Setup Google Rel Author for WordPress

rel=author google plus

Google’s verified authorship enables you to associate your blog posts with your Google+ profile. By doing so, you can enable your blog posts to show a corresponding author thumbnail image in Google’s search results.

Why is this important? Two reasons:
1) increase click-through-rate (CTR) to your posts
2) increase visibility for your Google+ profile [...]

8 Amazing Infographics About Beer

It’s no secret. Beer is the magical thread that weaves through the fabric of societies. And who knew that beer could inspire so many amazing infographics?

Below are 8  infographics about beer that are particularly awesome and noteworthy (click for larger image).

1. History Lesson: The Story of Beer (via Manolith)
Print [...]

Advanced Web Ranking Tips: Use Alerts for SERP Changes

advanced web rankingAdvanced Web Ranking is a feature-rich and comprehensive SEO software that any serious online marketer should have in their tool box. Besides some of the more heavily used “go-to” features (ie keyword rankings and reports), one of my favorite functionalities is the Alerts feature… often overlooked, but a very powerful feature set. [...]

Design and Branding Inspiration

Looking for creative inspiration? From design blogs to award sites and galleries, there are plenty of online sources to help you source ideas, stay current with design trends and get you inspired for your next design or branding project. Below is list of some of my favorite resources to get the creative mojo going.

6 Useful Sites to Help You Get Inspired:




Awwwards promotes the talent and effort of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences. The site features daily and monthly awards selected by a reputable jury of visual designers. [...]

Interesante Amps Up Feature Set, New Hires

Interesante, the discovery platform helping “Latinos come together, share and discover what’s relevant” has had a lot to celebrate in recent weeks as it makes a big push with its new recommendation engine. [...]