3 Promising Startups Emerge from Startup 2.0

Another edition of the Startup 2.0 event (part of the Nonick conference) wrapped up in Bilbao a few days ago and three startups proved to be more worthy than others.

The winners, from top to bottom, include:


Paris-based SubMate is a “social commuting” site that helps people discover and meet people with similar interests that share the same commute on the subway. The site is currently available for Paris, London and New York. I give it a year before it morphs into a dating site…

Minube is a spanish social travel network (aren’t there already a lot of these?). With Minube, users can plan their trips, compare flights and hotels and share travel experiences.


Another Spanish-based startup, Askaro, is an information exchange site that lets users ask and answer questions related to specific geographic areas (cities, neighborhoods, etc.). I’d love to see a mobile app for this — could be extremely handy.


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