Google Is Still Master of the F**king Universe

With no surprise, Google has retained it’s title as the most powerful global brand (back-to-back wins) with a valuation of $86 Billion — just two years ago they were in 7th place while MSFT held top position.

According to Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 Ranking, this years top 10 look like this:

1. Google ($86 Billion)
2. General Electric ($71 Billion)
3. Microsoft ($70 Billion)
4. Coca-Cola ($58 Billion)
5. China Mobile ($57 Billion)
6. IBM ($55 Billion)
7. Apple ($55 Billion)
8. McDonalds ($49 Billion)
9. Nokia ($43 Billion)
10. Marlboro ($37 Billion)


62. Yahoo ($11.5 Billion)

Does this mean that even if Microsoft ($70 B) acquires Yahoo ($11.5 B), the combined brand value will still not match up to the search goliath?


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