Grooveshark Gets New Redesign, Improved Features

Grooveshark just made a major update to their site and I’m loving everything about it. The user interface was always a strong point but they actually managed to improve it while maintaining their slick look and feel, and include some new functionalities.

The site now claims over 1 million registered users and continues to grow as they give Spotify a run for their money. Of course like many other music sites, they have a big challenges to deal with including licensing issues and the ability to effectively monetize their userbase (which pales in comparison).

If you still haven’t used it, Grooveshark is a simple music search engine that scans a repository of over seven million songs online and lets you listen for free. You can search by song name, artist, album or playlists that have been created by users.

Some of the new features that stand out:

  • Revamped UI with a simple list view and very accessible call-to-actions
  • Slide bar in music player
  • Sidebar navigation (was much needed)
  • Custom themes and layouts




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