Happiness at LeWeb ’09

LeWeb wrapped up in Paris a few days ago and turned out to be a star-studded event with some great discussions and panels covering a variety of issues. The theme was supposively  “real time” but in reality the topics were all over the place, ranging from: mobile apps to music to funding to the european tech scene… oh, and Violet Blue presented something about crazy future-porn-robot-sex.

Although, several of the panels were a bit of a bore and have received quite a bit of slack for lacking substance, there were a couple stand-out presentations. One of which included Tony Hsieh’s (CEO, Zappos.com) presentation about Delivering Happiness and the importance happiness has on the culture and overall success of his company.

You can see the full presentation below:

[slideshare id=2689191&doc=deliveringhappiness-leweb-12-10-09-091210052717-phpapp02]


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