How To Calculate Google’s Not Provided Keywords in Analytics

The increase in “not provided” keywords in Google Analytics has created havoc and headaches for those of us that depend on keyword data to make decisions.  The inevitable day will come when all organic keyword data in Analytics is stripped away from us. Till that day arrives, you can use the following formula to determine your branded and non-branded keyword visits that are attributed to “not provided”.

Although this is still an estimate, it is an approach based on applying  a branded/not-branded ratio to the “not provided” keywords to reverse calculate and apply the number to the total of brand and non-branded visits.

You need the following:

1) Total organic visits – number of total visits from organic search

2) Not provided visits – number of total visits categorized as “not provided”

3) Non-branded keyword visits – number of visits (include “not provided”) that exclude your brand name and mispellings

4) Branded keywords keyword visits – number of visits (include “not provided”) that include your brand name and mispellings

The below example walks through how to calculate your non-branded visits.

Calculation for branded/non-branded:

Total Non-Branded visits 50,000
Not Provided visits 40,000
Non-Branded – Not Provided 10,000
Total Organic visits 90,000
Not Provided visits 40,000
Organic – Not Provided 50,000
Non-Branded % of total (10,000/50,000) 20.0%
Branded % of total (100%-20%) 80.0%
Non-Branded portion of Not Provided
(20% x 40,000)
Non-Branded – Not Provided
(50,000 – 10,000)
Normalized Non-Branded visits
(8,000 + 10,000)

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