Innovate! Europe 2009 – Round Up


I had a chance to stop by Innovate! Europe in Zaragoza yesterday for the presentations of the top 10 Master Class Finalists.  Lots of solid projects presented with varying focus… everything from web-based “passion” games to enterprise email and collaboration solutions.

Congratulations to all of the participants, in particular, NomaDesk who was recognized as the 2009 winner.

The 10 finalists included:

eBox – platform for managing corporate networks

Proactum – open source enterprise applications

Owlient – online passion games

JobiJoba – job search engine

Nomadesk – virtual file server

Climpact – climate business intelligence solution

Local Data Company – detailed retail data

Calinda – email collaboration and project management software

Arimaz – interactive toy applications

MyPrinting – personalized photo products


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