Interview with SocialBro Co-founder

alfredo artilesFor those of you with an interest in social media and online communities, you probably have heard of SocialBro — a must-have Twitter analytics and community management tool that is exploding onto the scene. I had a chance to catch up with Co-Founder and CTO, Alfredo Artiles (@aartiles24), to find out more about their fast-growing startup.


Where did the idea for SocialBro come from?

SocialBro is the 8th app of a Social Media tools network called e24apps. We have a wide background in the development of Twitter apps: is just an example. Besides, we usually manage many Twitter accounts, so we realized that we needed a tool to manage its evolution and to know more about our contacts.

So, with this know-how with respect to Social Media, we identified a group of tasks and needs which was not covered by the market. We created SocialBro to provide the response to all the community analysis and management needs.

Who uses SocialBro? Who is it meant for?

There are many brands using SocialBro to manage their communities (take a look at this link to see a sample of them: Currently we have more than 55,000 users around the world. SocialBro is intended for Community Managers, Social Media strategists, agencies and anyone who uses Twitter as a professional tool. However anyone who has a Twitter account can take advantage of SocialBro.


There are so many Twitter tools in the market, what makes SocialBro different?

SocialBro is a suite of tools focused on analyzing and managing social communities, with a CRM perspective. While the most of other tools are focused on the content, we are centered on the community. With SocialBro, you can know your community in-depth, which allows you to interact with its members in a better way, targeting your strategies, etc.

You just announced some big news and new features, tell us about it.

We launched the Real-time Analytics two weeks ago, and it has been a totally success. With this new feature, you can learn about the real-time state of your community at a glance, identify users who are online and interact with them. Not long ago, we announced our integration with Buffer app, to provide users the possibility of configuring our “Best Time to Tweet” report in order to schedule their tweets more efficiently and to expose them to the maximum audience.

What have been the keys to success for Socialbro?

The key to success for SocialBro is a combination of many factors. The main one is undoubtedly the quality of the tool and the fact that our tool is focused on the community, not on the content, like most of our competitors. Another important factor is that we really care about our users, we answer all doubts they have individually. They are our best value!

What’s next for SocialBro? What can we expect to see this year?

Very soon we’ll release a cloud version, ideal for huge Twitter accounts. We also plan to launch SocialBro for iPad and Android soon, in addition to enhancing the CRM and automation features. For this year, we also plan to expand SocialBro to other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo and Instagram.


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