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Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is a comprehensive SEO tracking and reporting tool that has been getting more and more attention in the online marketing community in recent years. It’s a very robust and feature-rich SEO software that I particularly like because of its usability and reporting capabilities.

The product provides 6 reports for tracking your SEO efforts (Website Rankings, Keyword Rankings, Search Engine Rankings, Top Sites, Overview and Visibility) of which the Keyword Ranking Report I find to be indispensable.

There are three features I especially like about the Keyword Ranking Report…

Keyword Rankings

1. Evolution in Time – this is a visual snapshot of keyword rankings of your site (and competitors) over a specified range of time. The  chart display allows you to filter for selected keywords or all keywords and, similar to Google Analytics, you can include notes (annotations) for specific dates.

I find this to be one of the most useful ways to analyze rankings data but can’t help to notice that the overall look and default colors they use are subliminaly “Googley”.

2. Multiple Date Comparisons – similar to Evolution in Time, this view offers a side-by-side comparison of keyword positions for specific dates. For example, you can compare the best or average position of a specific keyword for a website (or several) over the last 3 months.

Although, there are predetermined date range templates to select, you may also create your own custom templates. This is very useful if you want to analyze if a certain event might have had an impact on your search performance.

3. Keyword Categories – this is a simple tabular overview of your keyword rankings, organized by category. This is especially valuable if you want to categorize your keywords (by priority, branded vs. non-branded, etc.) to analyze actual rankings, changes in position and best ranking a URL had over a period of time.


Proxy servers

The ability to utlilize proxy servers is also another highly valuable feature. Search Engines do not like “artificial”, automated queries against their data because it sucks up lots of their resources (increasing costs) and slows down performance for real, human users. Some existing SEO software get around this by running long delays between each search query which can be very slow and inefficient if you’re trying to run reports.

AWR circumvents this problem by allowing you to distribute search queries in Google using Proxy Servers.  You can even run multiple proxies so the amount of time needed to run reports are shortened proportionately by the number of servers you use.

Pricing plans

Although Advanced Web Ranking is a pay-only product, all of their Keyword Ranking Reports are available with all of their 12-month licenses. AWR offers 4 different yearly pricing plans as follows (you can see a comparison of their plans here:

Standard ($99) – Entry product offering includes key features such as rankings report, link building tool, keyword analysis, scheduled updates and sync with Google Analytics.

Professional ($199) – Same features as Standard but also includes printable reports, email reports, local search and report triggers.

Enterprise ($399) – Same features as Professional but also includes keyword research tool, user profiles and an assigned proxy server per project.

Server ($599) – Same features as Enterprise but also includes enterprise server license and shared database so multiple clients can connect to the same database.


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