KISS Your Features Away

How do you decide what features are essential to the needs of your users (and which ones will suck and fizzle away) when getting ready to launch your new idea? This is a theme that is central to many a startup and the answer is often times blurred by our own grandeur vision and features we would like to have, rather than what is in line with the business objective… and more importantly, the needs of your user base.

To this end, I recently came across a great post by Andrew Mason, founder of The Point, who provides some insight about how to determine core features that are essential versus “ehancements” when getting ready to launch your new product. One take-away that I agree with and can attest to is always adhere to the KISS principle… or die trying. I, like many others (and Andrew), have wasted so many hours thinking/discussing/trying features that although may be nice to have, might not speak to the core needs of the user.

The post is in Gigaom and worth bookmarking: How to Avoid the Curse of Visionary Overload

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