Media Usage According to eMarketer

eMarketer posted and interesting report today about media usage by US internet users.  Undoubtedly, traditional media is languishing (tv networks, local news and newspapers) and 2009 is poised to hurt even more.

According to the report, the two shiny stars among internet media are social networks (up 9% from 2006) and blogs (up 11% from 2006).  Surprisingly, search engine usage has slightly dropped. Another interesting piece that caught my eye is that mobile media consumption in the U.S.  has hardly changed and still remains very low  at 6%, bottom of the list.

With all the great things happening in the mobile world (browsing + apps + iphone + etc, etc.) it’s hard to believe mobile is so slow to catch on in the U.S., but proves it’s still hard nut to crack.

U.S. Media Trends 2006-2008

U.S. Media Trends 2006-2008


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