Pixmac Founder Interview


Founded in September 2008, Pixmac is a fast-growing microstock site with a database of more than 10 million photos available for sale. The small team is based in Prague led by founder Vita Valka, a designer turned tech entrepreneur. Besides their flagship site, Pixmac also recently launched a stock photo site for people as well as vector illustrations. I had the chance to ask Vita a few questions about running his company…

Why did you start Pixmac?
There was a huge opportunity in the market. Traditional stock photos were declining, microstock was a rising star. I’m a designer and I was using sites like Pixmac for years. That was a great challenge for me.

Can you give me a brief overview of where the firm is today?

Pixmac is one of the Top 10 agencies in microstock worldwide. We have the best technology inside and we still refine it again and again to become more than perfect. We do care about localisation and usability. That’s our focus since beginning, because it really matters.

What makes pixmac different than other stock photo sites?

We’re the fastest. We’ve been the first to introduce OneStop purchase without registration. We’re the only agency that has more micro sources on one site and we’re preset in over 17 countries around the world. We have a great and responsive customer support because that’s a part of the success.

What is the most downloaded photo on the site?
This one: http://www.pixmac.com/picture/people+sport/000000002826

And here are more: http://www.pixmac.com/best-sellers/yesterday

Where do your customers come from?
From over 60+ countries. Most often from North America and Europe. As we’re from Europe it was a success for us to launch Korean and Chinese version of the site lately.

What are two or three key things you have learned?
Customers give you so much feedback that without it, we wouldn’t be so succesful and complete as we are. Pixmac is constantly changing and we’re working every day to have it loading faster, easier to use and to offer almost any digital picture on the planet that can be purchased on one site.

I’ve learned that being open and innovative can become live’s vision. And I’ve learned that great team is something that really makes a big difference between trying and achieving. Talking to Japan in the morning, Moscow at lunch and finishing dinner while on a call with Canada is the most motivating thing for me. It’s been and it still is one of the greatest lessons of my life.

I wish you all luck in your business. And if you need help, just ask Vita 😉


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