for those who love DJ sets

There´s nothing new about online DJ sets but the guys at have pulled off a killer online music site.  Robin Wauters recently wrote a post about the reemergence of the site and, yes, it does impress. Based out of Vienna, Austria (my birthplace!), aims to be a hub for DJ studio mixes, radio sessions and event recordings and currently includes a database of more than 12,000 recordings.

I like this site for a few reasons, most notably:

1) It´s free – you can stream hours of music without interruption at no cost (woot!)

2) Beautiful interface – spanking clean interface  and super easy to navigate around the site. the player is just as lovely.

3) Track IDs – ever hear a great track during a set and have no idea what the hell it is? now you can try and find out with the help of community members.

4) Buy stuff you like – I love it when there is a clear business model that provides real value for me: I find a track I like. I purchase it. I own it.


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