Recap: Mobile 2.0 Europe

Yesterday I attended the Mobile 2.0 event and got a concentrated dose of what’s happening in the mobile world here in Europe. Lots of great companies presented and there were some excellent panel discussions (mobile social media, VC perspectives, operator perspectives and open business models). The big take aways for me were:

1) We are at the “beginning of the beginning” (as Doug Richards put it) of a very exciting time of convergence: web + mobile + social apps + operators + etc. and companies that can successfully connect these things are going to win, and steal the hearts and minds (and pocketbooks) of VCs.

2) Mobile operators are facing a challenge of finding new revenue streams to counter the heavy surge in bandwith activity from all the new mobile apps that are being developed. There still is no clear win-win solution but the attitudes of the carriers are changing and are slowly becoming more open to work with the developer community. More of this needs to happen…

Congrats to Nimbuzz, Rummble and Zipipop (love the goldfish!) for great presentations and making it on to the big event in San Francisco.

Thanks to all the event organizers and TechCrunch for yet another (2 for 2 this year) great party here in BCN.

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