StartUp 2.0 Recap

Yesterday, I attended StartUp 2.0 in Barcelona to check out some of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Europe. A total of ten web 2.0 startups had a chance to present their business plans among a room of VCs, entrepreneurs, and internet enthusiasts. Among the presenters, nothing really blew my socks off although it was nice to meet some new faces.


UnLtdWorld – these guys are creating a platform to connect socially-minded people, encouraging entrepreneurs (and other users) to make a ‘positive impact’ on the world. I like the concept and there is something to be said for any startup trying to create social and environmental value, instead of developing another cookie-cutter SN and hounding for traffic. – online video site for cooking food. Yeah, there’s already a lot of niche ‘how-to’ video sites around (including a few for cooking) but what I like about these guys is that they are focusing on providing quality content, via their two rockstar chefs, in addition to the user-generated videos. Also, kudos to Sean Fee for the polished presentation who luckily had the stage set nicely by the Hungarian disaster (see below).

Not so impressive: – complete disaster. The presentation comprised of a few text-based slides with no images, no screenshots, and overall was simply shitty. Still not sure what these guys do? Something about maps in Hungary? – WTF? If this is one of the top 10 finalists in Europe then I question the quality of some of the other projects that were submitted. These guys created a watered-down version of a RSS reader to make it more family-friendly but in the form of so-called ‘planets’. I understand where they’re trying to go with this (lots of strategic problems, by the way) but this is one of the best potential startups of Europe??

The top 3 finalists went something like this:

1. Zilok
2. UnLtdWorld
3. iFoods

Big thanks to the people at Nuroa, Highgrowth, and TechCrunch for throwing a stellar event afterwards and keeping cava the flowing…


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