The Top 10 Application UIs for 2008 According to Jakob Nielsen

User Interface guru, Jakob Nielsen, just posted winners of the 2008 best-designed application user interfaces. There are definitely some good picks here but the irony is that Jakob, a well-respected industry expert and thought leader in UI, has one of the worst sites (in terms of usability, readability and user experience) I’ve seen. What was that thing about practice what you preach?

In any case, here are the results:

  • Campaign Monitor by Eyeblaster (Israel): Integrated management of multiple advertising campaigns for media buyers.
  • CMSBox by CMSBox (Switzerland): Content management system.
  • FotoFlexer by Arbor Labs (USA): Photo editor.
  • PRISMAprepare by Océ (The Netherlands): Print shop software.
  • Seating Management by Magellan Network and DesignMap (USA): Hostess-stand reservation book for restaurants.
  • SQL diagnostic manager by Idera (USA): Database performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • SugarSync by Sharpcast (USA): Synchronizing files across multiple computers.
  • SuperSaaS by SuperSaaS (The Netherlands): Creating and hosting scheduling and reservation systems.
  • Wufoo by Infinity Box, Inc. (USA): Online forms, surveys, invitations, and payments.
  • Xero by Xero (New Zealand): Accounting for small businesses.


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