Turntable.fm: Tremendously Addictive

Online music is a hot space that has evolved a lot since the Napster days. Whether it’s discovery, sharing or pure listening enjoyment there has been a lot of innovation over the last decade. Having said that, I wholeheartedly-without-any-hesitation believe that Turntable.fm is one of the most disruptive online music sites to date.

The guys at Turntable.fm have figured out a recipe that includes the best of discovery, sharing and listening and wrapped the whole thing up with a clever game layer that is highly addicting. The premise is simple: anyone can be a DJ and play music for users in various music-themed chat rooms (yeah, that’s right: chat rooms). If you play good music, users will reward you and you can earn points. If you play bad music, well, you get the idea..

Here are 5 features I really love about the site:

1) Earn points and build a fan base by playing good music. Earn enough points and you can upgrade your avatar (next).

2) Unlock bad-ass avatars.

3) Rate the music DJs play on the meter. Lose points if the song is rate “Lame” or earn points if users rate the song “Awesome”.

4) Add songs you like to Spotify, Last.fm and iTunes with 1 click.

5) Search for rooms by artists, songs or music category. If you don’t find something that you like, create your own room and invite friends.

Anyone else addicted yet?


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