Email Hacks: 3 Tools to Find Email Addresses

How do you find someone’s email address when you don’t have their contact info?

Your options usually are:

Either give up because it’s too hard, try to get introduced, or randomly search for the person’s email. Luckily, you found this post and I’m going to show you 3 tools that are a much faster and easier way to find anyone’s email address.

Whether you’re getting in touch with a sales prospect, journalist, or long-lost friend, use the tools below to uncover email addresses you need: logo is nothing fancy, but it delivers.

Here’s how it works:

Simply include the person’s name and the associated domain and the tool will retrieve any known emails from its data sources. Very easy to use and totally free.


Sell Hack is a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) that works similar to

Easy to use:

Open the tool and enter someone’s name, company, and domain. The tool will then run an email search against several different data sources and retrieve an email within seconds. Includes pricing plan based on search volume and other upgrades.



Rapportive is a slick Gmail plugin that shows relevant Linkedin profile information in the sidebar of your Gmail dashboard.

However (here’s the kicker):

You can also use it to guess and validate someone’s email address. Simply try guessing someone’s email and type it in a new message and the tool will instantly tell you if that email is associated with any LinkedIn profile.

How do you find emails?


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