How to Find Guest Post Opportunities With Google Search

how to find guest posts

Guest blog posts and articles can be an effective way of generating hiqh-quality contextual back links to help with your SEO efforts. However, if you don’t yet have relationships with bloggers or influencers in your niche, finding guest post opportunities will require some work.

You might ask:

“Ok, so how can I find good guest post opportunities that can help me generate links?”

You can start with specific search queries on Google. That’s right. Below are some Google search operators that can help you dig up some potential leads for guest posts, interview opportunities, as well as resource pages and blog rolls.

Before jumping in, remember that not all sites are going to have a relevant (positive) SEO impact. In fact, it’s important to take a close look at the target sites so your efforts don’t back fire on you and have a negative effect for your SEO performance.

Few rules of thumb worth considering:

1. Make sure the target site has some level of authority (stay away from spammy sites)

2. Find sites that are topically relevant to your business

3. Try to find sites that have a strong, active readership. If their posts receive comments and social shares, that’s generally a good sign.

4. Don’t give up! Getting replies is not always easy so remember to follow up and stay persistent.

Guest blog posts:

“keyword” “guest blog”

“keyword” “guest post”

“keyword” “write for us”

“keyword” “become a contributor”

“keyword” “guest article”

“keyword” “guest *” inurl:blog

Interview opportunities:

“industry” intitle:expert interview

“industry” intitile:interview –job

“your competitor” intitle:interview –job

Resources pages:

“keyword” inurl:resources

“keyword” inurl:links

“keyword” intitle:list

“keyword” “suggested resources/websites/sites/links”

“keyword” “recommended resources/websites/sites/links”

.Edu and .Gov sites: “keyword” + “links” “keyword” + “links” “keyword” “suggested resources/websites/sites/links” “keyword” “suggested resources/websites/sites/links”


“keyword” “weekly link roundup”

“keyword” “friday link roundup”

“keyword” “best posts of the week”


“keyword” “blogroll”

How do you find guest post opportunities? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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